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ARP-4754 systems, DO-178 software, & DO-254 electronic hardware services and solutions

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Medical Device

Independent risk assessment & hazard analysis to support FDA/CE Mark submission

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Independent verification and validation services for safety-critical railway applications

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Engineering services to get GSA customer products to market on-time and within budget

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Who is CERTON?
CERTON is a proven industry leader in safety-critical systems, embedded software, and electronic hardware certification. We specialize in all aspects of process oriented product development life-cycles with a focus on developing testable requirements to support fully automated Independent Verification and Validation. Our experienced staff of over 50 engineers have direct experience on certified ARP-4754, DO-178, and DO-254 Level A avionics products, as well as a variety of other transportation and medical device products. CERTON’s facility includes 72,000 square feet of usable engineering space with more than 15,000 square feet of secure SCIFs compliant with both DCID 6/9 and JAFAN 6/9 security standards for commercial or government use up to Top Secret level. CERTON has the unique tools, training, and experience to provide optimal certification solutions and engineering support on your next project.

What does CERTON do?
CERTON provides customers with engineering tools & services to get safety-critical products certified to the highest standards by authorities like the FAA, EASA, FDA, and more. We understand that quality, schedule, and budget are top priorities during development and our staff assures complete project governance services from start to finish to get products to market on-time and within budget.

As a domestic supplier of safety-critical certification engineering services based in the USA, CERTON successfully competes with overseas “off-shore” and “near-shore” supplier costs, both in time and money. This is accomplished with rapid automation of requirements capture, simulation, validation, and verification testing, as well as having a thorough understanding of safety-critical process oriented development objectives.

The CERTON Advantage
The CERTON business model is designed to accurately scope, properly plan, effectively manage, and successfully execute software and hardware certification projects while controlling cost and schedule under Firm-Fixed Price contracts. Independent Verification and Validation is applied early and often in the design life cycle to ensure the requirements are complete, concise, traceable, and testable.

CERTON also has developed tools (CertSAFE™ and CertBENCH™) and processes to support this unique business model through automation of time consuming Verification and Validation activities, standardized test file templates, and test environments that have been utilized to successfully certify DO-178 Software and DO-254 Airborne Electronic Hardware products.

Safety-Critical Engineering

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